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Community-oriented, professional, polished.

Providing a space for a diverse range of people, places, and communities to participate, the Cube fosters connectivity through digital humanities, research, writing, reading, community engagement, and undergraduate/graduate education. We support a monthly magazine, a literary quarterly, several scholarly journals, a community of feminist filmmakers, a collaborative fandom, book and monograph production, web design, and experiential learning.We review proposals monthly—contact us with your ideas!

The Cube can do it all. We value community and equity in publishing.


We believe in high quality, open-access publishing. 


We provide support at all phases of publishing, including brainstorming, writing, editing, design, layout, and web development.


We support both undergraduate and graduate students and offer year-round paid internships in publishing.


There are a lot of people that have made the Cube what it is today.

Dr. Kate Birdsall


Dr. Alexandra Hidalgo

agnès films & constellations

Dr. Marohang Limbu


Dr. Cheryl Caesar

Dive In: A Culture Shock Resource

Dr. Ben Lauren

Sound Rhetorics

Dr. Yuangfang Dai

Transcultural Feminist Philosophy

Matt Rossi

REO Town Reading Series

Kurt Milberger

Red Cedar Review


There are a lot of people that have made the Cube what it is today.

Aspen Smit

Graphic Designer

Chelsea Drouillard


Chloe Weipert

Graphic Design

Emily Lin

Lead UX Designer

Hailey Deyo


Megan Elias

Copy Editor / Social Media

Mitch Carr

Graduate Assistant

Stephie Kang

Graduate Assistant

Tina Puntasecca

Graduate Assistant

Grace Houdek

Graphic Design

Renee Pruvlov


Claire Bahorski


Jaclyn Krizanic


Former Members

There are a lot of people that have made the Cube what it is today. 

Sam Bloch

Caleb Edwards

Kara Headley

Emily Jenkins

Cat Jennings

Tiffany McIntyre

Sarah Nowack

Michelle Ried

Sophie Schmidt

Margo Skornia

Gabrielle White

Syndey Wilson

Joey Warren

Writer/Social Media

Rachel Gignac


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