THE CLIENT: Indigenous Game Devs

The Cube was approached by a representative of Indigenous Game Devs, an independent grassroots community of Indigenous people working in video game development and academia from around the world. Their existing website showcases Indigenous game developers as well as relevant articles and content from the gaming industry.

High fidelity wireframe of the Indigenous Games "About Us" page


The Cube’s task was to update and redesign the existing website, improve accessibility, and add a new database of Indigenous designers. The goal was to preserve the clean, grassroots look of the site while adding new content and updating the existing content to meet accessibility standards.


The UX team was made up of two experienced UX designers who then familiarized themselves with Squarespace, since The Cube commonly works with WordPress. We made the decision to revise the existing website over designing something new in WordPress to save time and labor. The UX team communicated with the project manager, who worked remotely with the client.



The team conducted several accessibility audits and learned that the headers, fonts and images were the biggest updates required. We chose Roboto as the main font for text and headers because of its design flexibility and overall readability. We provided alt text for all images to ensure screen-reader functionality. Other updates included fixing broken/misdirected links and optimizing the site for mobile devices.


The color palette was pulled from IGD’s main logo; we reorganized the information architecture on existing pages, and added the database. The overall design of the website stayed the same—the only change was to update the font to be more accessible.

Low fidelity wireframe of about page


The main challenge we faced was working with an unfamiliar content management system while also adhering to the simplistic design of the project. The client did not want any major changes to the design of the website, which nullified the need for many UX processes. While this did simplify the overall process, the designers were challenged to work in a new way. The project managers took on a client feedback role, guiding the designers through the client’s requests. The challenge with working in Squarespace was addressed by researching best practices for the system and adjusting the website page drafts accordingly.

High fidelity articles page


The Indigenous Game Devs website project was an ideal project for the two graduating UX designers to use in their portfolios because they took it from start to finish by using both general principles of UX and their personal design processes.


The Indigenous Game Devs website will continue to grow and release new content, continuing on its original trajectory but in a more streamlined and accessible way.