The Digital & Community Publishing Collective started work in the summer of 2018 with the help of a summer seed grant from DH@MSU, which you can read about HERE.

This semester, our team at the DCPC began to establish our footing at MSU and within the greater Lansing community. During our first few months together, we created the DCPC brand, began to construct an online presence, and reached out to potential partners. As we wrap up our fall semester, we want to share some of our proudest accomplishments.

First, we needed to do extensive research into the operation of other publishing collectives around the country so we could inform ourselves about potential partners and explore how we might want to run our organization. We communicated with Dr. Susan Doerr of the University of Minnesota Press and Dr. Kathryn Wildfong of the Wayne State University Press, and they each offered information about their respective university presses, which helped us during our initial decision-making.

By collecting this research, we were able to brainstorm ideas for a brand. We needed to conceptualize a logo, a mission statement, and a voice for the DCPC. After a few drafts, we finally settled on the logo, which currently decorates our website and serves as our profile picture on our social media accounts. This logo not only helped us develop the face of our brand, but also the color palette and typography we will use in future contexts.

Creating the website was our biggest challenge for the semester. It was difficult not only to portray our collective voice as the DCPC, but also to represent our publications in an appropriate way. Fortunately, we were able to communicate with the editors from each publication under the DCPC to ensure effective representation on the main DCPC website. Although the website remains under construction, we have completed the coding and design for the about, people, and publication pages. We are excited to continue work on our community page as we expand our partnerships and to update our blog throughout the spring semester.

As the website has grown, we have also tried to expand our digital presence on multiple social media platforms. This fall, we established accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We have started to connect with other university presses through these social media accounts, and we plan to share the accomplishments of the DCPC and its publications through these outlets as well.

Looking forward, we plan to continue expanding our DCPC community. We are excited to form partnerships with other publishing collectives, strengthen ties with our publications, and make connections with members of the Lansing community. This spring, we also hope to improve our online presence through social media and a revised website. As the DCPC team builds and becomes more experienced, we are eager to see how we will have grown by the end of next semester.