Despite pandemic challenges, such as budget cuts and work from home adjustments, the Cube team is still working hard and still growing. The Cube has the privilege and pleasure of working with a diverse range of people, places, and community sizes. In order to keep doing this, a new cube team joined for the 2020 Fall Semester.

Nine undergraduate interns have joined the new cube team, in addition to one graduate research assistant. Mitch Carr, the graduate research assistant to the cube, is the very first GA the team has received. We’re very excited about the work and perspective he can bring to the range of projects the Cube works on.

Mitch is in his first year of the Master’s degree Michigan State University’s Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures (WRAC) department offers and is studying Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing. He has been working with Cube diretor, Kate Birdsall, for some time now, as he graduated with an English and Creative Writing degree from Michigan State. His short story, “Lambda,” is forthcoming in the Reo Town Reading Anthology. Be on the lookout for his, and the great work of other local writers, when this anthology is published (soon!).

As the first Graduate Research Assistant on the new Cube team, the roles and responsibilities have developed organically as new challenges arise. However, Mitch says he is most excited to learn the publishing process of the industry, given his creative writing background. After his two-year program, Mitch would like to work for a nonprofit organization (or an ethically sound for-profit organization) doing advertising, content management, and content strategy. The Cube is the perfect place for him to learn more about this.

We like to think of ourselves as the wizards behind the curtain. The Cube is responsible for the publishing, process, and praxis of ten different projects.

The summer and the first few weeks of the fall semester have been busy. Excitingly, much of this time has been spent rebuilding The Cube website. This was important to us because as a representation of all the publishing work that we do. The Cube’s brand needs to be as polished as the projects we work on, and we’re thrilled about the new site.

The biggest adjustment that all of these projects have had to make is the digital realm. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it simply does not make sense to publish print media. Projects such as The Current, Red Cedar Review, and the Reo Town Reading Anthology (forthcoming publication, very soon) all have been designed for print. But with lack of foot traffic, spread of germs, and stay-at-home mandates, people will be reading online. This brings a variety of new challenges.

We consider, as we take on new projects and work on ongoing ones, these questions: How does the format change for online publications? How would the pieces read on a screen? If printed off? How do we make it accessible? How do the advertising and selling strategies change?

Our team is working remotely to showcase the diverse range of voices and perspectives that will bring about social and cultural changes. We can’t wait to work through these challenges and continue publishing.