Featured Work

The Current

The Current is East Lansing’s only full-color arts-and-culture magazine developed for and by Michigan State University students.

The current logo. "The current" written in black, all capitalized text, with a pink line going through the center
Hold Inclusivity Coalition Logo. A ram in a space helmet. The helmet is bright orange.

Holt Inclusivity Coalition

Holt Public Schools contracted us to rebrand their DEI campaign then deliver a branding packet, website, communications strategy, and social media plan.

Indigenous Games

Indigenous Game Devs showcases Indigenous game developers as well as relevant articles and content from the gaming industry.

Indigenous Game Developers Logo. The logo is a purple circle with a grey game controller in the center. The surrounding is detailed by colorful beads.

WRAC Comms

WRAC, a department at MSU, contracted The Cube to manage all communication campaigns since the Spring of 2022.

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